Provides Multi-Vendor Hybrid Cloud enabling business flexibility, leverages public cloud efficiencies, and cost savings.



Multi-Vendor Hybrid Cloud enabling business flexibility, leverages public cloud efficiencies, and cost savings.

Many organizations today recognize the economics and flexibility of public cloud.  Most are considering strategies to leverage public cloud while building and their own private cloud in order to deliver services that are flexible, fast and economically appealing to the organization.  Combining public and private cloud or hybrid cloud at times seems a daunting task given the resources available to most IT organizations.

With Extenua, building a secure, reliable and accessible hybrid cloud is not only achievable, it is easy and affordable utilizing Extenua Secure Hybrid Cloud software.


Extenua Secure Hybrid Cloud software provides the strongest encryption implementation available today, supports a wide variety of client OS, zero learning curve for users while providing the flexibility and economics required for todays business.

✔ Strongest Security eliminates disparate AES key management

✔ Mobility without onerous VPN

✔ Virtual Disk Drives through our SAFE AI Virtual Clustered File System

✔ Zero enduser learning curve and supports legacy applications like CAD, Microsoft Office, Imaging software and device backup


Extenua Secure Hybrid Cloud is configured quickly and supports your highly virtualized environment while leveraging your on-premise storage and any public cloud object storage.  Developed based on our award winning platform, SilverSHielD and Cloud2Drive provides the industry’s most irrefutable hardened data security, mobile access supporting Windows, iOS, Android and soon LINUX and Mac OS X, offline cache with 99.998% cache hit rate and optional High Availability. Deployment is simple without having to use complex APIs or scripts.  Once deployed you have a fully functional hybrid environment.

Real-time data migration is automated as a background task while your users continue to work!  The Cloud2Drive management console allows you to configure an on-premise to cloud or cloud to cloud mirror and instantly your data begins to migrate without interruption of service.


Extenua Secure Hybrid Cloud