Are you a customer of K2SXS, Inc.?

We welcome you to Extenua!

To celebrate that K2SXS is now Extenua, SilverSHielD customers that have licenses with current maintenance contracts are entitled to a free upgrade to v6.0. And the best part is Extenua will include 1 full year of update/upgrade protection and standard support for free also!  Please act quickly to take advantage of this exceptional offer!
(This offer is limited to current K2SXS customers with maintenance contracts in place)
How to obtain your upgrade to v6.0?

Upgrade to SilverSHielD v6.0 for FREE

Are you an existing customer? How to obtain your free upgrade to v6.0?

But we understand you may have some questions...

Why has Extenua acquired K2SXS?

We see great potential of success by joining our efforts with the K2SXS development team, together we can do even better.

I’m a customer currently running SilverSHielD v5 or older, what should I do?

You can upgrade your license to v6.0 for free. And the upgrade comes with 1 full year of update/upgrade protection included.

My current support contract is with K2SXS, will Extenua honor its terms?

All K2SXS customers' support contracts will be honored by Extenua. Support is available online (via our Knowledge Base web site) and - for Pro and Enterprise license customers - also via email and web help-desk. Special support forms, such as phone support, previously not offered by K2SXS are now possible, please contact us if you want to know more about this service.

I see the new product pricing for SilverSHielD has changed from when I purchased it from K2SXS. Why the price change?

SilverSHielD v6.0 is the greatest leap forward in SilverSHielD's history. We have totally redesigned it and improved it so much that the price had to be adjusted to align with the other similar products available on the market. Native 32 and 64 bit builds, 50% increase in performance, greater security through redesigned anti-hammering and tarpit, entirely new scripting framework and event-handling subsystem, Active Directory integration with support for AD groups, just to name some of the new features... but there's so much more!

Does my support price change when I upgrade to SilverSHielD v6?

No, the yearly maintenance cost is always 20% of your original purchase price, and the first year is included with every license. An active maintenance plan entitles you to install all updates/and upgrades (both major and minor) and to receive email and web help-desk support.

Just looking for SilverSHielD?

If you were redirected here from the old K2SXS web site, and you just want to know where to find SilverSHielD...