The award winning SilverSHielD SFTP for windows is now available as Software as a Service (SaaS)!





SilverSHielD is a Secure Shell (SSH-2) and SFTP server for Windows. It features keyboard-interactive, password-based and public-key authentication (even with multiple keys per user) methods and it offers all basic SSH/SFTP functions as well as a useful forwarding ability. The SilverSHielD Management Console also integrates a very convenient way to see what's going on live. This real-time monitor provides an overview of the sessions (and a session log for each session) that are currently active. SilverSHielD can run scripts when certain events occur.Do you need to send an email to someone when a certain file has been uploaded or downloaded? Do you need to ZIP such file and attach it to the email message?
Do you need to authorize certain users to upload only certain file types? All of this and much much more can be done via SilverSHielD Scripting. PascalScript, JavaScript, C++Script, BasicScript and has a built-in script editor. SilverSHielD supports Server-Wide events as well as user-specific event handlers.

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