SilverSHielD Release Notes
As of version 6.0 on, SilverSHielD is fully developed and maintained by Extenua. Here below you can read the official release notes for every major and minor update.

Version 6.x

Version     (9-Nov-2014)

Fixed a bug in the data socket that could cause slow downloads in certain network conditions

Version     (2-Apr-2014)

Fixed a minor bug in the incoming connection acceptance loop

Version     (24-Feb-2014)

Redesigned socket thread-pool: it's now faster and uses less memory (RAM)

Version     (30-Jan-2014)

Fixed: bug in the Unix Time encoding function

Version     (29-Jan-2014)

Critical update: fixes a bug that broke compatibility with CoreFTP and the JSCH library

Version     (13-Jan-2014)

Fixed: minor bug in the Management Console user interface

Version     (04-Dec-2013)

Improved: management interface clarity over RDP connections

Version     (16-Nov-2013)

Fixed: bug in the memory management subsystem

Version     (10-Oct-2013)

Internal build (experimental)

Version     (9-Sep-2013)

Improved: added consistency check to the child-thread exit routine

Version     (9-Sep-2013)

Improved: the upgrade process now correctly imports damaged old configuration files

Version     (12-Aug-2013)

Fixed: the command-line interface (CLI) not properly sets the %ERRORLEVEL% in batch scripts

Version     (12-Aug-2013)

Fixed: bug in the "recreatekey" function in the command-line interface (CLI)

Version     (9-Aug-2013)

Fixed: bug that was causing unclean upgrades from (some) older versions

Version     (7-Aug-2013)

Fixed: bug in date/time conversion that affected only the 64 bit version
Improved: the command line interface can now restart the SilverSHielD server when needed

Version     (6-Aug-2013)

Improved: the command line interface (SilverCLI) can now set several configuration properties

Version     (30-Jul-2013)

Fixed: all user details are now saved correctly when changed from within the mgmt console

Version     (29-Jul-2013)

Improved: logo transparency in the Management Console
Improved: better compatibility with the Dalim Twist client

Version     (25-Jul-2013)

First version entirely designed and developed by Extenua