World's Most Advanced Methods of Cyber-security Software for a Hostile World.

Dynamic Stateless Encryption Key Management with hardened AES architecture. Exceeds GDPR, NIST Standards. Impervious to Ransomware when configure as a Windows NAS server. “

”Our Mission is to be the world’s leading innovator of trusted enterprise security. We are challenging the conventional for extraordinary outcomes. Extenua is secure by design, solving the future needs of enterprise today.
— Steve Visconti CEO

Our Products


Software client that allows the enterprise to use any cloud object storage as a true Network Drive AND provides end-to-end cloud storage Security. C2D provides Mobile Access, Artificial Intelligence Client Cache with 99.99% accuracy, Strongest Encryption methods available and Dynamic Encryption Key Management with Stateless Keys.

Silvershield and SilvershielD SaaS

Secure File Transfer through our award winning SFTP SSH server for Windows. SilverSHileD and SilverSHielD AIM on AWS Marketplace

Safer NAS

Secure Network Attached Storage provides unlimited cloud object-based storage as an extension to local Microsoft Server NAS. SaferNAS offers complete protection from Ransomeware. 



Industry Veterans. Serial Entrepreneurs.Extenua has assembled a world class team of experts that is challenging the conventional, for extraordinary outcomes.



The trusted solution for industry leaders.

Fortune 500, large commercial and government enterprise all over the world have relied on our products to secure their data for years. SilverSHielD has won over 40 industry awards for security, innovation and ease of use. Extenua now offers a full suite of security products to address the needs of today's hostile environments.  

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