Stateless Key Management & Secure Virtualization of Your Object-storage


End-to-end security software ETESS

No encryption keys  are ever stored anywhere! The only true means of key protection with unlimited and dynamic scale.


Key Managment

HUMAN interaction for key generation, storage, policy management leads to human error.  Cloud2Drive  ETESS DOES NOT STORE KEYS. We derive them in RAM, in real-time, on each endpoint device, as needed, and we wipe them from RAM right after use.


Data accessibility at even when your cloud service provider is down!  Our patent pending Artificial Intelligence cache provides 99.998% hit rate.  Additionally, use our striping feature for full High Availability.

Enterprise Grade

Don’t rely on the encryption scheme supplied by your cloud provider. Cloud2Drive uses new methods of end-to-end encryption and file obfuscation that are governed by you without the headache of complex key management consoles. Meets and exceeds PCI, HIPAA and more.



Extenua created ETESS™ as a platform purpose built for today’s hostile environments with the massive and destructive cyber-attacks companies face each day.



Aggregated Storage

Software client to access one or many cloud object storage with Zero learning curve.



Cloud object-storage can now be aggregated across multiple providers or multiple regional buckets. Cloud2Drive supports all major cloud providers such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon S3, IBM Softlayer, Rackspace, and more.


Migrate your data from one cloud provider to another without any apparent change to your employees and no down-time. Mirroring and striping ensures that all of your files are immediately available while migrating.


Access petabytes of data, even when your local hard drive is only megabytes.


Extenua’s Cloud2Drive is a unique, powerful software solution that breaks down the obstacles that prevent business from storing data in the cloud.
— Will Geoghegan, cloud architect, TPs% Cloud & Partner Solutions, Fujitsu America, Inc.


Flexibility for today. 

Access your data where you want it, when you want it.


Cross Platform

Access your files on or offline from any platform or device, Windows, Android, iOS, Linux and MacOSX.

Software Only Solution

No appliance or expensive hardware to deploy – it’s a software-only solution. Just install and enroll. Each Agent accesses cloud object storage directly without any need for a VPN.

Speed and Accessibility

Artificial intelligence learns user's access patterns to 99.8% accuracy, enabling faster access to the files they actually use.