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Threats to all industries

Cyberattacks have risen into the many millions of attacks per year, yet security continues to be perfunctory to companies’ overall data strategy. As astonishing as that is, 60% of U.S. enterprise organizations DO NOT have encryption strategies in place.¹
¹ Thales e-Security & Ponemon Institute©



The financial sector is one of the most targeted industries in the world. The FBI recently reported more than 500 million records a year have been stolen from financial institutions and it’s still on the rise. The risk to the world is significant and potentially catastrophic.

Our software can help you protect your data assets from both internal and external breaches.



Manufacturers understand the importance of securing their intellectual property, although very few have adequate procedures to deal with today’s escalating risks. Thousands of manufacturers across the world report significant theft of intellectual property each year. To keep pace with the escalating risk, they need much stronger data management strategies to protect their business lifeline — intellectual property.

Extenua provides a new model of information security PURPOSE built to protect your data from inside jobs and cyber attacks.



Privacy and sensitive data management is a growing risk to the Insurance Industry. Regulatory compliance mandates various levels of security and an assumption of privacy. Corporate Governance has become ever complex depending on the industry and type of business transactions. Laws and court decisions, at both the federal and state levels, play an increasingly important role in insurance privacy.

New regulations, costly litigation, and consumer expectations coupled with the daily barrage of cyber attacks making data security too risky to ignore.



According to the Office of Civil Rights (OCR), data breaches in the healthcare industry exceeded 112 million records in the United States. The cost of non-compliance can be extraordinary. HIPAA guidelines require technologies that render data unreadable and unusable and settlements have costed up to $4.8 million.

Extenua’s Cloud2Drive provides “safe harbor” when implemented with on-premise storage, cloud storage and hybrid environments.



SMB’s are an easy target to cyber attacks, therefore at higher risk. Risk management strategies can be overwhelming to the already stressed IT staff and budget. Attackers are getting smarter and more creative. “Island Hopping” is on the rise which makes it much easier to circumvent traditional defenses such as firewalls and malware protection.

Extenua has developed a cost effective solution which will make your data nearly impervious to the cyber attacker.