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National Security
Strengthen and Defend

Classified networks house the Federal Government’s most sensitive information and enable crucial war-fighting, diplomatic, counterterrorism, law enforcement, intelligence, and homeland security operations. Successful penetration or disruption of these networks could cause exceptionally grave damage to our national security.


We are now living in a time of global cyberware that is real and persistent. Highly sophisticated programs are being released against the public sector every moment of every day. The stakes have never been higher.

Partnering with Extenua solves one of our main concerns - protecting data in transit and at-rest. Once implemented, you no longer have to worry about securing your unstructured data.
— Gary Winkler, President — American Cyber


Protecting Our Warfighters with Superior Cyber-Technology

The U.S. Department of Defense recognized cyberspace as the fifth operational domain. Cyber attacks interfere with any sovereign state’s ability to provide effective governance. Cyber Terrorism embodies what some consider and act of war. Data storage, secure access, encryption and mobility must be thorough, precise and thoughtful to protect our nation and it’s Warfighters.



The world’s most secure data protection and cloud storage access solution, purpose built to defeat the most cunning cyber-attackers. 


Patent pending virtual clustered file system


Security, Aggregation, Flexibility, Ease of Use, Artificial Intelligence



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