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This free white paper provides an in-depth analysis of several challenges pertaining cloud storage management, especially with regards to security, encryption and data protection.

Encryption is a tool which the industry has adopted as a defense against cyber-attacks and accidental exposure to data. PGP and OpenPGP are considered the “Gold Bar Standard” today. Yet, the key management is known to be the weak link. Intruders are looking for a key, not trying to crack AES-256 encryption. Once they find or guess the key then not only do they have the document but they can use the key to decrypt all previously encrypted files and messages associated with that key.

The challenges, though, extend far beyond just protecting data from unauthorized access and use, as our CEO Steve Visconti unmistakably points out.

Most enterprise file sync and share solutions cache data on the local disk to provide users the ability to work even when connectivity to the cloud is lost. A problem arises when the cache grows large enough to consume all available local disk space, an especially critical challenge for mobile devices with limited local storage.

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