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Still in its early stages, Extenua’s Cloud2Drive storage solution was born on the IBM Cloud and built on SoftLayer infrastructure. The Cloud2drive product appears as a network drive on users’ computers, but it lives in the cloud. When unstructured data like documents, spreadsheets, and photos are saved, they are diced into pieces, and each piece has a unique encryption key assigned to it, scattered about randomly across the IBM Cloud. According to Steve Visconti, president and CEO of Extenua and Cloud2Drive, it would take 38 billion years for hackers to crack Cloud2Drive’s code.

Founder and chief technology officer Federico Simonetti created Cloud2Drive to address the security gaps in cloud storage that he discovered from his own experiences as a famous Italian hacker, professor, entrepreneur and eventually, chief cyber investigator for anti-terrorism at Interpol, where he prevented more than 70 hacking activities in Europe. Simonetti chose IBM Cloud as the secure foundation for Cloud2Drive, and while the company can connect its operations and API to any other cloud provider, he still highly recommends that clients use IBM Cloud infrastructure for their own deployments.

The choice to build Cloud2Drive on IBM Cloud was driven by stability, performance and the opportunity to join IBM GEP.

“It would have been very difficult for us to achieve what we have thus far without IBM and its Global Entrepreneur Program,” said Visconti. No other company has an offering quite like IBM GEP, which saved us a tremendous amount of time and resources when designing and onboarding our systems. We managed to go from launch to revenue in only six months. It was an amazing process—really beyond belief.”

Customers like AIG and government organizations have turned to Cloud2Drive to run workloads and test top-secret government projects. The Navy is currently in development for a solution, managed through SPAWAR, the space and naval warfare command system, and Cloud2Drive has been in development and beta with the marine core and defense department. And because IBM Cloud is FedRAMP compliant on SoftLayer, these government clients can deploy production workloads when they are out of beta.