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October 31, 2016




Steve Visconti is responsible for Extenua’s strategic direction and day-to-day business operations. As CEO, Mr. Visconti brings to Extenua over 25 years’ experience in both domestic and international business development, sales, marketing, and management success. Steve’s leadership experience includes top technology companies and startup ventures including Cisco Systems, Inc., Airespace, Ascend, Chipcom, and Banyan Systems. His understanding of technology and market conditions, together with the ability to lead high growth companies and build shareholder value, has contributed to his proven performance record and several successful startup successes.

SecuritySolutionsWatch.com: Thank you for joining us today, Steve, at this very exciting time in the growth of Extenua. Before discussing today’s cybersecurity threat environment and Extenua solutions in greater detail, please tell us about your background.

Steve Visconti: I would characterize myself as a serial entrepreneur.  There are five qualities that have led to my success, they are character, integrity, strategic thinker, decisive and energetic. In the early 80’s it became obvious to me that I like to build businesses particularly when it involves new ideas and breakthrough technologies.  I have been fortunate to have had several great outcomes with startup companies.

SecuritySolutionsWatch.com: One will read on Extenua.com that, “Cloud2Drive is the most secure cloud access software. Cloud2Drive delivers complete security, compliance (PCI & HIPAA), and unlimited access.” And, that it would take it would take 25 eons to break Cloud2Drive’s data encryption. Please walk us through the major features and benefits.

Steve Visconti: Cloud2Drive has been developed to solve a number of problems that previously presented a problem to the enterprise in fully utilizing cloud object storage. We first observed cloud services were growing exponentially particularly Software as a Service, Infrastructure as a Service although for some reason cloud object based storage lagged far behind the growth curve.   What we found was a complex problem set in that cloud storage security was not trusted, it was difficult to connect to, not suitable for use as primary storage and it suffered from frustrating outages.  Cloud2Drive was designed to solve this complex problem set.  The results are transforming how the enterprise not only utilizes the financial utility of cloud storage but doing it in a way which allows their business to flourish in this highly mobile society.

Extenua’s Cloud2Drive provides a rich set of features unmatched by industry competitors thus creating genuine breakthrough technology.    There are six features wrapped into this easy to deploy and use software platform:

1.Cloud2Drive by far is the most secure platform for unstructured data storage both on-premise and cloud object storage.   Not only is it secure end-to-end, it eliminates the need for cumbersome and slow VPN connections and eliminates the need for AES encryption key management platforms.

2. Mobility in this BYOD environment is easy and secure.  Users can access their data from anywhere securely as long as there is an internet connection.

3. Data migration real-time in the background with no service interruption is key to any successful cloud storage deployment.  Cloud2Drive provides automatic in the background data migration whether it is on-premise to cloud or cloud to cloud.   This feature is also used for high availability with RAID like features.

4. Collaboration with network administrator governance. Protecting the company data assets should never be left to an individual user.  Cloud2Drive is under the control of the network administrator and to make it easy there is an option for Active Directory control with single sign on.

5. Artificial Intelligence cache at the device and user level provides offline file access with 99.998% accuracy.  This ensures access to files even when you are out of the reach of the network.

6. Wipe Clean in the case of lost devices through x509 certificate revocation field extensions which will implement a full US Department of Defense 5220.22-M Data Wipe Method.

SecuritySolutionsWatch.com: We have heard positive remarks about your SilverSHield product, “a secure fast and easy to use Microsoft Windows™ SSH & SFTP server” and SilverSHielDSaaS. Can you tell me more about SilverSHielD?

Steve Visconti: SilverSHielD is the gold standard in SSH File Transfer for Windows Server.  It has won over 45 industry awards with over 3000 well-known companies using the product to date.  SilverSHielD is not only the most secure SFTP product, it also incorporates many rich features such as one button configuration for Cisco Unified Communication server backup, a number of available scripts for tasks such as e-mail upon completion, pager notification and many others.  It also offers support for several scripting languages so the network administrator can create his own set of rules based on specific events.

SecuritySolutionsWatch.com:  Yahoo, DropBox, LinkedIn…the daily headlines unfortunately remind us just how vulnerable we are in today’ constant threat environment and the bad guys come in many forms: foreign governments, sophisticated hacker groups, and “insiders” among others.  What is your perspective, Steve, regarding the unique value proposition that Extenua brings to the table in today’s IoT, mobility and BYOD environment?

Steve Visconti: Cyberattacks have risen into the many millions of attacks per year, yet security continues to be perfunctory to the organizations overall data strategy.  It is astonishing to me that some analysts estimate that 60% of U.S. enterprise organization DO NOT have encryption strategies applied across their organization.

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