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SilverSHieLD is a secure, fast and reliable Secure Shell (SSH-2) and Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) server for the Windows’ operating system. See original press release here.

SAN JOSE, CA – (PRNewswire – June 1, 2016) – Extenua Inc., a pioneering developer of end-to-end storage security software that simplifies the use and access of cloud storage, today announced the availability of SilverSHielD Pro-XL as an Amazon Machine Image (AMI) in Amazon Web Services Marketplace (AWS Marketplace).

SilverSHielD Pro-XL features multiple authentication protocols including keyboard-interactive, password-based and public-key authentication (even with multiple keys per user). It also offers all basic SSH/SFTP functions, as well as a useful forwarding ability. The SilverSHielD Management Console integrates easily into an existing environment, providing convenient, real-time monitoring with insights into active sessions, in addition to a session log for each session.

“In today’s business environment a staggering amount of data is created and transferred,” said Steve Visconti, Extenua President and CEO. “Allowing the enterprise to utilize SFTP for bulk file transfer to the highly scalable Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) via AWS Marketplace availability is an exciting use case in elasticity and fiscal utility.”

Customers purchasing SilverSHielD Pro-XL through AWS Marketplace will get access to all of its benefits, including:

  • PCI and HIPAA compliant file transfer solution
  • Single button configuration for Cisco UC Platform secure backup to cloud
  • Secure powerful SSH2 and SFTP Server that is easy to use
    • PKI authentication with multiple keys per user
    • Active Directory integration
    • Advanced user and virtual folder security rules
  • Manageable via GUI or command line interface
  • Powerful fully featured scripts for events or build your own with the integrated scripting program.

For more information: www.Extenua.com

To purchase SilverSHieLD in AWS Marketplace: http://bit.do/SilverSHielD

About Extenua

Extenua Inc. is an award-winning developer of enterprise security software that secures storage for unstructured data on-premise storage, cloud storage and hybrid storage in revolutionary ways. Extenua customers include Fortune 500 companies IBM, Fujitsu, Boeing, Nokia, Sony, Toyota, Kaiser, and Motorola as well as government institutions, security agencies, and thousands of small and mid-size businesses. Extenua Inc. is a privately-held corporation based in San Jose, California.